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Dying Light The Following Free Download (v1.49.0_HotFix)

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Dying Light: The Following Free Download

From the creators of hit titles Dead Island and Call of Juarez. Winner of over 50 industry awards and nominations. The game whose uncompromising approach to gameplay set new standards for first-person zombie games. Still supported with new content and free community events years after the release. Survive in a city beset by a zombie virus! Discover the hard choice you will have to make on your secret mission.

Surf the retrowave a la mode equipped with boldly designed retrofuturistic gear. along side the new Night Rider outfit you’ll receive a replacement buggy paint job (Speedmaster Turbo) and three new weapon blueprints. Don’t let the flashy appearances fool you! Anyone who mistakes the Blademaxx machete, the Vindicator 2000 revolver or the Volkatronix automatic for a toy, are going to be painfully proven wrong. The undisputed star of the show is that the Volkatronix. Designed by Tolga and Fatin for Volkan Dal, it’s the primary Dying Light firearm to shoot electric bullets, and thus a necessary addition to your arsenal. The Survivalists


The Shu Warrior Bundle will get you a replacement outfit, which significantly reduces the danger of being grabbed by zombies (both Biters and Volatiles), a replacement buggy paint job (Metal Rat), and blueprints for 3 new weapons. The Gust of Wind is that the first crossbow you’ll craft (along with various bolts) from base-game materials, which suggests it’s available early within the game and you don’t need the subsequent expansion pack to enjoy it. Ride 4. The Leaping Tiger Dao is a unprecedented sword that rewards skilled warriors. Its blade is imbued with ancient power and lights up after you successfully land a few of consecutive hits, granting you a damage boost. an equivalent goes for the Dragon Ji polearm, which additionally allows you to unleash an especially devastating power attack.

Get Free Steam Dying Light: The Following Preinstalled

Naturally, this set includes the original game in which you, together with a man named Kyle Crane, an operative, will have to go to the city of Harran and try to find out more about the virus, against the background of the spread of which the real apocalypse began. Together with him you will have to plunge into a series of adventures, travel plenty of the city, kill zombies and mutated monsters, and more. A sea of ​​adventures awaits you, battles with enemies, story tasks and side missions in which you will have to help various NPCs, carry out assignments and do much more.


    Roam the city with unprecedented freedom and bask in its unique atmosphere. Use parkour to scale every building and reach remote areas.
    Engage in gory combat and discover limitless options to confront your enemies. Use the environment paired with various weapon types and abilities to gain an advantage.
    Experience the dramatic shift in the world, as you change from a hunter to hunted at sundown. Face the coming threat or run away without wasting your time to look behind.
    Join forces with other players and raise your chances of survival in an exciting co-op mode. Tackle the story campaign together and take part in regularly scheduled community challenges.

DLC's Added

  • Dying Light – Be the Zombie
  • Dying Light – Cuisine & Cargo
  • Dying Light – Punk Queen Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Buzz Killer Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Night Club Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – The Lacerator Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – The Constable Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Wrench Kiss Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Ninja Outfit
  • Dying Light – Urban Explorer Outfit
  • Dying Light – Special Agent Outfit
  • Dying Light – Techland Outfit
  • Dying Light – Alienware Outfit
  • Dying Light – Nvidia Outfit
  • Dying Light – Razer Outfit
  • Dying Light – The Bozak Horde
  • Dying Light – The Following
  • SteamDB Unknown App 325725
  • Dying Light Season Pass
  • Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Dying Light – Custom Maps
  • Dying Light: Razer Nabu Outfit
  • Dying Light – Custom Maps 2
  • SteamDB Unknown App 415371
  • SteamDB Unknown App 415372
  • SteamDB Unknown App 415373
  • Dying Light: Outfit and Livery 1
  • Dying Light- Crash Test Skin Pack
  • Dying Light- Harran Ranger Bundle
  • Dying Light- Gun Psycho Bundle
  • Dying Light- Volatile Hunter Bundle
  • Dying Light: CD-Action Anniversary Pack
  • SteamDB Unknown App 436084
  • SteamDB Unknown App 436085
  • Dying Light – Harran Military Rifle
  • Dying Light – White Death Bundle
  • Dying Light – Vintage Gunslinger Bundle
  • SteamDB Unknown App 762510
  • SteamDB Unknown App 762570
  • SteamDB Unknown App 785020
  • SteamDB Unknown App 798500
  • Dying Light Original Soundtrack
  • Dying Light 3D Printer Models
  • Dying Light Collector’s Artbook
  • Dying Light Wallpaper Pack
  • Dying Light Book
  • Dying Light – Rais Elite Bundle
  • Dying Light – Godfather Bundle
  • Dying Light – Harran Inmate Bundle
  • Dying Light – Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Retrowave Bundle
  • Dying Light – SHU Warrior Bundle
  • Dying Light – Chivalry Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – 5th Anniversary Bundle
  • SteamDB Unknown App 1245490
  • Dying Light – Unturned Weapon Pack
  • SteamDB Unknown App 1276620
  • Dying Light – Hellraid
  • Dying Light – Volkan Combat Armor Bundle
  • Dying Light – L4D2 Bill & Gnome Chompski Pack
  • Dying Light – Classified Operation Bundle
  • Dying Light – Viking: Raider of Harran Bundle
  • Dying Light – Ox Warrior Bundle
  • Dying Light – Harran Tactical Unit Bundle
  • Dying Light – Rust Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Savvy Gamer Bundle
  • Dying Light – Astronaut Bundle
  • Dying Light – Van Crane Bundle
  • Dying Light – Snow Ops Bundle
  • Dying Light – Dieselpunk Bundle




  • OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Windows® 8 64-bit / Windows® 8.1 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space


  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Developer: Techland
  • Platform: PC
  • Game Size: 26.7 GB
  • Released By: CODEX/ and bunch of other providers
  • Version: v1.49.0 HotFix (Build 8509273) | Full version + 70 DLCs + DevTools + Bonus Content + Multiplayer
  • Pre-Installed Game


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